Encpad™ Prefabricated Enclosure Base

Never A Need To Pour Concrete Again!

The EncPad™ Enclosure Base is the fastest and most efficient way to install our most popular Security Enclosure models. With our Pre-Fabricated Pad you can install your new cage in 15 minutes, saving you hours of time and labor vs. pouring concrete pads. Simply attached the pad to the assembly, mount the cage to the pad and walk away!

The EncPad comes pre-cut and drilled to match the cage sizes and includes all necessary hardware.

Constructed of highly resilient polypropylene plastic which is 98% recycled material, the rugged design and optimized rib-pattern provides an ultra-durable base capable of supporting over 1000lbs. They are unaffected by UV exposure and will not crack, flake, or warp.
15 Minute Installation

Standard Sizes

The EncPad comes in three size to accommodate our most popular sizes of enclosures. They are pre cut and drilled for the specific cage size.

Quality Materials

Made of 98% recycled heavy duty Polypropylene Plastic which is UV, Freeze and Thaw resistance and conforms to ASTM C67 and ASTM D2299 Standards. The rugged design and optimized rib-pattern underneath, provides an ultra-durable base. Recommended environmental temperature ranges are -48° F to 180° F Made in the USA

Included Hardware

Hardware included allows an EncPad to be secured to the risers of a 1/2" - 2" backflow assembly and contains, Custom made angle brackets... screws, 304 Stainless Steel adjustable clamps & washers
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