Valve Stem Protector


Thieves Are Now Stealing Brass Stems From Gate Valves

To help prevent this GuardShack Enclosures has designed the Valve Stem Protector.

Security Features:  The GS-VSP secures on top of the gate valve, over the stem, shielding it from thieves.  To keep up with fire code, it has drilled holes in the steel tubing which allows visual confirmation that the valve is open.  The GS-VSP-1 & GS-VSP-2 lock the wheel in place so there is no need for a chain. The GS-VSP-3 & GS-VSP-4 ( shown right ) are used for gate valves with tamper switches. Each set of GS-VSPs come with keyed alike locks for added convenience. 

Affordable Security:  GS-VSPs are extremely affordable & blend in with the assembly seamlessly. We offer four models to cover most 3"-12" Gate Valves.   

Easy To Install:  GS-VSPs are AMAZINGLY simple to install.  In less than 5 minutes you can secure your assembly.  The GS-VSP simply slides down over the stem and is secured through the yoke of the valve.     


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Model Gate Valve Size Contractor List Price
GS-VSP-1 3" - 4" Spec Sheet $150.00
GS-VSP-2 6"-12" Spec Sheet $150.00
GS-VSP-3 3"-4" ( with tamper switch ) Spec Sheet $175.00
GS-VSP-4 6"-12" ( with tamper switch ) Spec Sheet $175.00