Guardshack Alarm System

As copper thieves get more desperate some cages come under attack.  Our alarm system is designed as a further deterrent against persistent theft attempts.

GuardShack's Enclosure Alarm is the first and only patent pending alarm system designed specifically for backflow enclosures.  This alarm will ward off would be thieves by a blinking LED light letting everyone know this cage is alarmed.  The alarm is triggered when the cage is starting to be lifted and emits an ear piercing sound once the magnet looses its connection.  The alarm system is deactivated by a key for service of the backflow assembly.

This Low Cost, Tamper Resistant, Battery Powered Alarm is easy to install and retrofits to existing cages.  They are easy to maintain as the batteries are designed to last a year in the field. (Under normal operating conditions)

Our alarms come in an Ultraviolet and Moisture Resistant Case and include all mounting hardware.

These cage alarms are available for new purchases as well as retrofitting existing cages in the field.


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